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Education Law Attorney


Has your child been suspended from school for more than 10 days? This called a “long term suspension.” Your child is entitled to appeal this suspension.

Our attorneys can speak to you and your child about the incident, review the school records and advocate for you at the hearing.

Additionally, if your child has an IEP (Individualized Education Program), he or she is entitled to a MDR (Manifestation Determination Review). This is a process to review the conduct at issue to determine if it is a manifestation of the disability for which the child has an IEP, or if the behavior is the result of the school’s failure to implement the IEP . In most cases, if the behavior is found to be a manifestation, or a result of the school’s failure to implement the IEP, the child is allowed to return to school.

Our attorneys can help you understand what this process looks like and represent you at the meeting.


Does your child have an IEP, but you do not feel they are receiving adequate assistance? Or do you believe your child should have an IEP, but he or she currently does not?

We can assist you in navigating the IEP process and in getting the resources to help your child be successful.


If you have concerns about these issues, or any issues regarding your child’s education in the public school system, call today!


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